The color of sunshine, lemons and daffodils, yellow is a bright exuberant hue that has the potential to give any space a jolt of cheer.  A hit of yellow can go a long way so we prefer to use the color sparingly as a bright accent. It’s the perfect color to brighten upholstery or even to draw attention to architectural details, like doors or window frames. It can take a little bit of courage to get started using such a bright color, but once you see how far a little yellow can go, you’ll be hooked!

With many old design trends coming back in style this 2019, such as velvet and geometric patterns, our designers are expecting to see many nods to the 70s era. 70’s chic decor is all warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. Incorporating this trend into your home will bring out amazing personality into every living room or bedroom design.

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