• If the item is sold out or made by custom, then we immediately produce furniture orders from the buyer.
  • In Every Furniture Production Process, We Always Provide Information and Report Documentation in the Form of Images or Production Details.


You can easily start your furniture needs shopping experience with us. Contact us via telephone or WA and can directly communicate with our team.

  • Send us the picture of the furniture you want and consult prices with us.
  • If it matches the price and spec you want we will give you an invoice.
  • After receiving invoice you can transfer a certain amount of money if you pre-order or pay off if the ready stock is in accordance with our agreement.
  • Next we will begin the process of your order according to the estimates that we have agreed to together


  • Ordered goods can be taken by yourself to our workshop, or sent by the expedition service.
  • We collaborate with local freight forwarders who are experienced in transporting goods, so the cost is more efficient.
  • Please inform your full address to make it easier for us during the shipping process.
  • POSTAGE is very economical, we don’t count based on weight per kilo.
  • The time needed for delivery depends on distance and conditions (for example, the Jabotabek area is a maximum of 2 days and the Medan and surrounding areas are a maximum of 7 days).
  • For the sake of maintaining the order quality of teak furniture, sometimes there is a delay in the production process which is caused due to various factors such as weather, order materials, stock items and so on.