Accuracy of product photos

We try our best to make sure the products sold on the website are similar to the photos on the website. However, manual workmanship and the use of materials from natural materials can cause varied results ranging from the surface shape and color of the wood, this makes each product more unique and has its own characteristics. We make every effort to display photos on websites that are similar to original products accurately. However, the colors you see on our website will depend on the appearance of your screen, so we cannot guarantee the display on your screen can represent the color of our products 100% accurately.

Product Damage

All our products have a guarantee for all products available on the website because we believe that the products on our website are made of high quality materials. We will coordinate with our team to process product returns if the product you purchased is damaged by the following terms and conditions:

Be sure to check the condition of the product purchased when receiving your order. Our logistics partner will ask you to fill out a form in the form of a checklist of details that need to be considered to ensure the condition of the item is in perfect condition before you sign the receipt of the product you ordered.

If you notice any damage to the product, you are asked to refuse receipt of your order product and make sure you immediately inform our logistics partner.

If damage occurs after you receive the goods and within a maximum period of 30 months, immediately take 1 photo in the area of ​​damage and 1 photo showing the product as a whole. After that you can report it through the “RETURN” form available on our website by attaching 2 photos or can directly contact our customer service team.


ayhome will not take responsibility for products that are lost, damaged and personal injury (which is caused by the customer after the product is received) experienced by customers or third parties. we also release responsibility for problems that you or third parties may experience directly or indirectly when you access and use our website. We will never release or provide your information to other third parties.

Payment Process

  • We currently only service payments via bank transfer
  • For payments by other methods, please contact our customer service.

Intellectual property rights

All content on our website is owned by ayhome furniture and / or its licensors and is protected by copyright law. You are not allowed to use our website content without the written consent of ayhome furniture.

You can store, display and print content that is available only for your personal use. You are not permitted to manipulate, distribute, publish, reproduce in any format.

If you print and re-copy part of our website, you are violating these Terms and Conditions. If these Terms and Conditions are violated, your right to use our website will be immediately terminated and you must destroy or return a copy of the material you made.

Link to Website

You can link to our website if you do it legally and do not aim to take advantage or damage our reputation.

Privacy and Security

Please visit our Security and Privacy Policy to understand the security of your privacy while visiting our Website.