Black And White Decor

Black and white stripes are a classic, timeless look that have been used on everything from rugs to window awnings to (ahem) old-timey prison uniforms. But even though this combination has been around since what seems like the dawn of design, somehow it always seems fresh and modern. Perhaps that’s because designers are continually reinventing the look and showcasing it in unexpected places. So, you might be used to seeing striped walls, but what about a striped ceiling?

If you’re not so sure about stripes, just wait until you check out these jaw-droppingly gorgeous ways to decorate with this pattern. These looks aren’t for the meek, but whether you’re ready to make a strong statement or you’re just starting to test your limits, you can’t help but smile and be inspired by these bold looks.

The thinner the stripes, the bigger the statement, so it’s a good idea to confine busier patterns to smaller space, like this shower. The glass doors show off the pattern, and by keeping the walls white, the striped tile pops even more. And, but extending the stripes all the way to the ceiling, it emphasizes the height of the walls.

Minimalist or maximalist, stripes work in any room. And in the case of this eclectic dining room, sometimes going all out with pattern and design is exactly the right move. In a room full of visual interest, the eye is drawn to the ceiling, which features wide black and white stripes. But the room’s other strong design elements, like dramatic gold chandelier and graphic wallpaper, balance the look without competing with each other.

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