About Our Factory

Luxury Home Furniture company comes with the concept of One Stop Online Shopping to answer the needs of the modern and luxury community for the convenience of shopping, whenever and wherever you want it.

We strive to help you enjoy a practical modern lifestyle through a variety of premium quality exclusive products at competitive prices. Luxury Home Furniture is committed to providing a safe and comfortable online shopping experience with guaranteed originality for all products we sell, transactions with a fast and easy process. Capture feature in several pick up points located in various strategic places in Indonesia as well as a wide selection of complete, easy and safe payment facilities.

Luxury Home Furniture is always maintains customer trust

One of which is to provide quality products for our customers, because there is no beautiful word besides the satisfaction of our customers. We will provide the best service, because without a customer we cannot develop, therefore we always prioritizing customers and quality.

Luxury Home Furniture provides quality furniture items. We produce raw furniture, because we leave finishing to customers, customers can choose the Finishing example they like.

There can order furniture items online by doing this so customers don’t have to bother to get the goods furniture, you do not need to leave the house to get the items you want just by ordering through us. We will be ready to serve you 24 hours nonstop to make it easier for customers.

Besides Online we also accept orders & purchases Offline by directly coming to our production site.

Quality Furniture Products At Affordable Price

LUXURY Home Furniture.

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