If the customer feels less satisfied or changes his mind about the product ordered

If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase for other reasons other than damage, defects, or processing errors originating from the factory, we will coordinate with the team to assist the process of returning the product to customers at no charge, with the following terms and conditions:

  • Product return requests are made up to 30 working days after the product is received by the customer.
  • Products must be original and excellent. Our team will analyze in advance to declare that the product is worth returning.
  • Returns Policy Not valid for all products sent by suppliers for more details see the product description of each product.
  • 100% refunds in cash can be made if the customer’s order has not been processed by the Seller. This can take around 30 working days until the funds enter the customer’s bank account.

If the product you ordered has been damaged

We believe that the products on our website are made of high quality ingredients. Even so, we will provide a solution if the product you buy is damaged by the following terms and conditions:

  • Be sure to check the condition of the product purchased when receiving your order. Our logistics partner will ask you to fill out a form in the form of a checklist of details that need to be considered to ensure the condition of the item is in perfect condition before you sign the receipt of the product you ordered.
  • If you see any damage to the product, you are asked to refuse receipt of your order and make sure you immediately inform our customer service.
  • If damage occurs after you receive the item and within the time period we set, immediately take 1 photo in the area of ​​damage and 1 photo showing the product as a whole. After that you can report it to us